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Color Change

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of your vehicle is to change its color, but painting your car is a permanent process that you can’t “take back” very easily if you decide you want your old color back. A color change car wrap might be exactly what you need to totally transform your vehicle. Read on to discover how a car wrap color change could change the way you feel about your vehicle.


Wall Murals

EG Wraps specializes in indoor wall murals and custom wall paper. Our indoor wall murals and custom wall paper are ideal for any indoor wall spaces, where texturing is a consideration. We print our wall murals and custom wallpaper on a wallpaper-like material, specially formulated for our large-format printers. For more information please contact our sales department for assistance.


Vehicle Wraps

EG Wraps helps our clients grow their business through unique and effective wrap solutions. From designing business logos to creating wraps for large, multi-vehicle fleets, our in-house designers can handle any design challenge you throw at them. We pair our clients with experienced designers.

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