EG Wraps is Tampa’s leading vinyl wrap company. We offer unique advertising solutions for all types of businesses.

Headquartered in Tampa, FL, we offer you a one stop shop for custom graphics, printing and installation. EG Wraps always provides intelligent estimates and accurate warranty information against peeling, cracking or fading, on our wraps. Perforated window film has a one-year warranty. EG Wraps is truly marketing in motion. Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives with your request.


Our onsite graphic department ensures the accurate transfer of the images through its state of the art print server. The large format printers are fitted with top of the line ink systems ensuring the best color schemes and resolution available in the industry. We offer our 720 DPI Hi-Def printing for all of our vehicle wraps clients – the difference of this enhanced resolution is unmistakable. Our Hi-Def output is brilliant and eye-catching.

We carefully choose the proper media we use for vehicle wraps. Our material is the best quality in the business; a premium cast vinyl film designed for long term outdoor signage. It has excellent conformability to irregular surfaces, real dimensional stability during use, superior outdoor performance and durability, and a high gloss finish for better appearance.


The third element in our integrated process is the installation of the vinyl graphics. EG Wraps employs the industry’s leading installers who have been doing it longer than anyone. Whether you call them vinyl graphics, vinyl wraps, car wraps, vehicle wraps or an auto wrap; in the mobile advertising vehicle wrap industry, the installation is where it counts, when the design and printed product come together and the vision is achieved. The benefit of having a great design and print would be undermined if the installation (wrapping the vehicle) is second rate. Having our own staff of installation experts is another aspect of EG Wraps that sets us apart from the competition. Most vehicle wrap companies employ third party installers who work on a contractual basis. By having all installers in-house, it allows for a much higher standard of quality control as well as a continuous opportunity to train and develop new installers.